Our Donors

Donating to the cause of providing medical supplies to hospitals holds immense significance and carries a profound impact. Your decision to contribute to this cause extends far beyond the act of giving; it signifies a deep commitment to improving healthcare outcomes, saving lives, and fostering a more equitable world. Your generous support becomes a lifeline for those in need, offering hope, healing, and the chance for a better and healthier life. Many hospitals around the world face significant challenges due to limited resources, inadequate funding, and a scarcity of essential medical supplies. These obstacles severely hinder healthcare professionals’ ability to deliver quality care and leave communities vulnerable to preventable illnesses and suffering. However, your donation directly addresses these challenges by ensuring that these hospitals have the necessary resources to provide timely and effective treatment. From life-saving medications and surgical equipment to diagnostic tools and critical supplies, your contribution empowers healthcare professionals to make a tangible and lasting difference in the lives of countless individuals.



Coco’s Confections, owned by ambassador Coco Davis, cocosconfectionscdm.com


Dang. Pies, owned by ambassador Anderson Toole, instagram: dang.pie.si

Cyclebar, hosts fundraising classes for Adopt a Hospital in Mount Pleasant, SC.

SPENGA, hosts workout classes for Adopt A Hospital in Mount Pleasant, SC.

SightShare, donates half of its monthly YVO donation towards Adopt A Hospital, Website: https://www.sightshare.org/.

Special Thanks:

Scott Alderson, Colette Winters, Kayleen Yang, Christin Zerega, Nicole Davis, Lucy Hepp, Jennifer Morgan, Cristina Rodriguez, Martha Arcila Rodriguez, Jacqueline Gillette, Heather Hatch, Bella Major, Kevin Pham, Armita Shadfar, William T Holleman Jr, Jill Rowley, Amelia Abell, Lynette Jackson, Ava Hashemi, Emily Willoughby, Charles Toole, Yvonne Lee, Darya Hajiseyedjavadi, Maxwell Krause, Haley Yan, John Youngblood.

For our many donors who chose to remain anonymous, we very much appreciate your contribution!